About us

Central Job has specialised in the secondment of (technical) staff since 1995. Our promise is to provide qualified and motivated professionals at every level. In doing so, we always offer clients the ideal match quickly and professionally. If the client has doubts, we will provide an alternative within 24 hours.

Everything we do is focused on this, which makes us the expert par excellence in staffing in on- & offshore industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, installation engineering, transport & logistics and civil engineering.


Central Job’s success lies in the adequate and flexible way we continue to tailor products and services to the changing needs of clients. We achieve this through intensive contact with customers. Because our staff specialise in the industries we serve, they know the ins and outs of the market. Moreover, each client can count on its own contact person, who makes very frequent visits and maintains telephone contact on his own initiative.

Our commitment goes further; we think along with our customer until we find a good solution. In everything we do, a long-term relationship with our client is the commitment. Thus, we maintain transparent pricing and never present the customer with unpleasant surprises.


For CentralJob, corporate social responsibility means showing broad social commitment. We do this by being engaged with others. CentralJob has a broad view of developments in society because we are at the centre of it ourselves.

Sport works to develop discovered talents. This also happens within CentralJob. We offer candidates many opportunities for further development. We also like to empower athletes to perform at their best on the field and exude a team spirit. It is important to create a team feeling within the youth which is additionally strengthened with own a.o. own sportswear.