Privacy statement

We want to live up to the confidence that we will handle your personal data with care every day. We work with well-secured information systems and clear privacy statements. When necessary, we adjust them. Like now, with the introduction of the General Data Processing Regulation (AVG). Read how we handle your personal data here.

We collect personal data from:

Visitors and users of the website
When you visit our website, we collect information related to the type of device, browser and how you use our website. This information helps us to improve the website, for your convenience and to provide you with the best possible service.
We process the information:

  • with your permission
  • To properly carry out the agreement and/or terms of use we have agreed with you.

What personal data we process, why, who we provide information to and how long we keep your information. Read more in this document.

Applicants, (potential) candidates, freelancers, flex workers, employees of suppliers, participants of customers or other persons

We collect and process your data for the performance of our hr services, including mediation, temporary staffing, secondment, payroll, recruitment & selection, hiring and on-lending, personal development and employability, reintegration, career guidance and outplacement, consulting, planning and personnel and payroll administration.

We process the information:

  • to properly carry out the agreement and/or terms of use we have agreed with you
  • to comply with a legal obligation
  • on the basis of a legitimate interest that is consistent with or results from the stated purposes (why do we process personal data), we do this on the basis of careful assessment and balancing of interests
  • in limited cases: with your consent, where this is possible and you are free to give this consent. (If you are under 16 years old, we need the consent of your parents or the person with parental responsibility).

Business relations
We process personal data of individuals working for companies with whom we do business (1) to make offers for and/or provide information on services and other activities,(2) to maintain a business relationship and (3) to enter into and maintain an assignment agreement.

We process the information;

  • To properly carry out the agreement and/or terms of use we have agreed with you;
  • To comply with a legal obligation;
  • based on a legitimate interest that is consistent with or results from the stated purposes; (why do we process personal data) we do so based on careful assessment and balancing of interests
  • by virtue of your consent.

When do we collect your personal data

We collect your personal data, for example, if;

  • you visit our websites;
  • enter or leave your details on our website;
  • you create an account on the website;
  • you register at one of our branches; or;
  • you otherwise register or are registered to use our services or to provide you with a service.

And if we didn’t get this directly from you;

  • from social media, only if we have a legitimate reason to assume you would be interested in work. In that case, we will approach you whether you are interested in registering with us or otherwise using our services. If you are not interested, we may process relevant data from you to take into account your wish not to be contacted by us;
  • If we receive personal information from, reference contacts provided by you;
  • if customers, where you have been offered or where you work or have worked, share personal information about you with us or who sign you up for our services; if this is part of or results from our agreement;
  • from suppliers in the context of in- and on-lending, in which case we have agreed with the supplier that they will inform you and refer to our privacy statement.